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Golden State Goats

Meet the Founders

Founded by two dedicated firefighters, our mission is to safeguard properties from wildfires by minimizing both their frequency and intensity. Our approach to every project is characterized by professionalism and a strong commitment to the best interests of property owners. Over the years, we have collaborated with various stakeholders, including government agencies, water districts, and private landowners in both San Mateo County and Santa Barbara County. We leverage our extensive experience, advanced mechanized equipment, and environmentally-conscious methods to efficiently reduce fuel loading, ensuring the protection of your valuable property.

See the process unfold! Drag the arrows left and right to see before and after.


Goats have a unique digestive system that allows them to eat a lot of things that other animals and livestock can’t process. We bring them to a new location and they will naturally start clearing away unwanted plants.

What To Expect

Initially we will meet with you at the job site to go over your vision of the finished product.

After we discuss what is to be accomplished fence and animals are brought to the location. Job Sites are broken into sections. Temporary electric fence will be set up goats, water, and livestock protection dogs will stay in the pasture. After our employees have finished their work a new corral is set up and repeat until the job is finished.

You should also expect a great experience. We often hear that the best part of having the goats around isn’t that they clear the land. The best part is watching the goats. Some people bring a chair to the outside of the pen just to watch them be goats. They climb trees, they jump around, they headbutt, roll around, and, as a bonus, they eat your unwanted brush and weeds.

What Do Our Goats Eat?

Star thistle, bull thistle, mustard, veldt grass, castor bean, false bamboo, hemlock

Coyote brush, manzanita, sage, chamise

Poison oak, himalayan blackberry, roses, cape ivy