Golden State Goats

Overgrown Brush Areas Create a Problem

Weed management, Fire Prevention, and Goat Grazing

People utilize goats for grazing for a variety of reasons, and it can serve multiple purposes depending on the specific needs of the individual or the community. At Golden State Goats, we know how dangerous brush fires can be. Utilizing goats for grazing can help for a multitude of reasons.

We know what we’re doing

Experienced Professionals in Brush & Tree Removal

With decades of combined experience as firefighters, Clay & Mike are focused on preventing fires before they are even a concern. With thousands of animals and the logistics to support & maintain a consistent timetable, no job is too large for us to handle. We provide 24-hour herders and livestock protection to make sure the animals are all protected and well-taken care of, live-in trailers which are completely self-sufficient, and the sustainable logistics to ensure your job is completed without a hitch.

Our flexibility extends to accommodating various parameters, such as environmentally sensitive habitats and endangered species, minimizing soil and area impact. We always emphasize the importance of preventative fire management, through the use of both animal (goats) and mechanical methods, particularly mastication for grinding brush and cutting trees.

On the mechanical side, we utilize the latest equipment, including excavators with mulching heads and skidsteers with grinding heads. Our goats are specifically tailored for fuels reduction, designed for grazing rather than wool production, and this sets us apart in our field.